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Shown here are various views of the Julia set, z z1.5 - 0.2, where z is a complex number.

Clifford Pickover in his book Computers and the Imagination (St. Martin's Press, 1991)
call this function the "Glynn Function."   Actually, he suggested more information about it
could be obtained from me at the Glynn Function Study Center,
which was news to me when I read about it in his excellent book!

Eurographics91C.gif (42272 bytes)
Eurographics91D.gif (22818 bytes)
See this image in the CycleColors
example on the Palettes and Colors page.

SigGraph92C.jpg (8084 bytes)
MazesForMindA.GIF (58633 bytes)

MazesForMindB.gif (17163 bytes)

This was part of the Computer Graphics World review
of Cliff Pickover's book
Mazes for the Mind:  Computers and the Unexpected,
St. Martin's Press, 1992.
Color plate before  page 173.

This image is similar to
"Spiraling Tree / Biomorphic Cells"
in The Pattern Book, Clifford Pickover (ed),
World Scientific, 1995, p. 239.

The "Spiraling Tree / Biomorphic Cells"
images were selected for the second place
(three-way tie) prize in The Pattern Book.

ScienceProbeNov92A.gif (13003 bytes)

ScienceProbeNov92B.gif (43337 bytes)

ScienceProbeNov92C.gif (13401 bytes)

The "Cell Division" image was also awarded a special prize at the   Complex Systems '92 (Australian National University) Conference for its extremely life-like character.

See the SigGraph experimental online document, or the conference proceedings in Complex Systems: From Biology to Computation, IOS Press, Amsterdam, 1993.

ScienceProbeNov92D.gif (4667 bytes)

ScienceProbeNov92E.gif (43191 bytes)
ScienceProbeNov92F.gif (12467 bytes)
ComputersAndImagination.gif (37163 bytes)

Clifford Pickover included his black-and-white version of this fractal biomorph in his book Computers and the Imagination (St. Martin's Press, 1991, frontispiece for Part I).

I was amused by Cliff's acknowledgement in Appendix F when he suggested further information could be obtained from me at the Glynn Function Study Center.


3D Version of Biomorph
Please be patient. This 232 KB file may take awhile to transfer.
This image was created by Ramiro Perez at the Universidad Tecnologica de Panama.


Catalogue for Contours of the Mind. Fractal Biomorph images were shown at the Contours of the Mind -- A Celebration of Fractals, Feedback & Chaos exhibit at the Australian National University in June/July 1994.

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