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NAN Exploring Numbers, Not-A-Number, and Infinity
Tech Note
NaN, INF, ShortInt, Byte,SmallInt, Word, LongWord, LongLong, DWORD, Integer, Cardinal,  Int64, RealCompatibility compiler directive, Real, Real48, Double, Extended, Comp, Currency, IEEE 754, Normal, Subnormal, Infinity, Quiet Nan, Signaling Nan, Little Endian, VER120, DoubleToHex, HexToDouble, IntToHex, IsInfinity, IsNaN, EZeroDivide, EInvalidOp, EOverflow, EUnderFlow,  Mean, Standard Deviation, Open Arrays, Dynamic Arrays, SetLength, Nan and Inf Trick
Maze Maker
MazeMaker.gif (972 bytes)
Create a maze of a specified size. Maze algorithm, ScrollBox, FormResize, wm_GetMinMaxInfo, rainbow colors, stack, Ellipse, MoveTo, LineTo, FrameRect, FillRect

Estimate the value of p using Buffon's "needles."   Use a Monte Carlo method for estimating the numeric value of p by randomly throwing short line segments (e.g., needles, toothpicks, pencils, etc.) onto a plane of equally-spaced parallel lines (e.g., brick sidewalks, hardwood floors, certain tiles, table cloth, etc.). The number of segments crossing the parallel lines is related to the value p. Count Buffon first experimented with this method in the 1700s. pi, Monte Carlo method, Count Buffon, Random, Plural, TBitmap, TImage, Pixels, MoveTo, LineTo, FillRect, TextOut,  TSimplePantograph, ShellExecute, Application.ProcessMessages, Cancel button, FormatFloat, ArcTan2, RGB,   MessageBeep(MB_ICONEXCLAMATION), Procedure variable, Half-Angle Formula, Rotation Matrix
f(z) Complex numbers and functions.  Complex values can be represented in either rectangular or polar form with conversions taking place as necessary (or on request). complex numbers, imagainary numbers, rectangular form, polar form, TComplex,  Euler formula;

complex addition, complex subtraction, complex multiplication, complex division, conjugate;

complex natural logarithm, complex exponential, complex powers, complex roots;

complex trig functions:  cosine, sine, tangent, secant, cosecant, cotangent;

complex hyperbolic functions, hyperbolic cosine, hyperbolic sine, hyperbolic tangent, hyperbolic secant, hyperbolic cosecant, hyperbolic cotangent;

Complex Bessel Functions, J0, I0;

Complex Gamma Function

Crc.gif (968 bytes)
CRC Calculator: CRC-16 and CRC-32 calculations. CRC16Dem and CRC32Dem are examples of command-line programs that work in Delphi 1, 2 or 3 (updated 3/20/98). The CRCCalculator interactively shows CRC-16 or CRC-32 for a given string. cyclic redundancy check, CRC-16, CRC-32, APPTYPE CONSOLE, CRC calculator
CRC FileCheck
FileCheck.gif (1195 bytes)
CRC FileCheck
Scan and verify CRCs for files, directories or a volume.
cyclic redundancy check, CRC-32, Lookup Table, MetaCRC, CalcCRC32, CalcFileCrc32, Stream I/O, TMemoryStream, BlockRead, WmDeviceChange message, DBT.H, FindFirst/FindNext/FindClose, TSearchRec, TStringList, Sort, StrIComp, Int64, Comp, IntToHex, FormatFloat, FormatDateTime, Format, GetVolumeInformation, Volume Serial Number, Volume Label, TTabSheet, TDriveComboBox, TDirectoryListBox, TFileListBox, procedure variables, calling protected methods, tokens
Gauss Legendre
Gauss-Legendre quadrature. Use a function as a parameter to calculate an integral. quadrature, numeric integration, Gauss-Legendre, function parameter

Updated  6 Nov 2011
Since 1 Nov 1998